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Data sheets for our dunnage airbag range

The Bates Cargo-Pak dunnage bag is the optimal solution for your load-securement needs, both for one-way and multi-trip use.
Our inflatable airbags are easy to install and our safe, user-friendly inflation systems have the fastest inflation times on the market.
In addition, our reusable airbags can be deflated in a few seconds, with just one click. Additional information on our airbag range is available by clicking on the data sheets below.

Heavy dunnage airbags are mainly used in rail wagons, reefer ships and loads which require extra protection. Our Heavy dunnage airbag are reusable.

Medium airbags are used principally in sea containers and for cargo which requires extra protection. Our Medium airbags are reusable.

Our Re-use airbags are used primarily in sea containers and in trucks. As the name suggests, our Re-use dunnage bags are reusable.

Our Flex range of dunnage airbags are used principally in sea containers and in trucks.
Flex dunnage bags are one-trip airbags and are fitted with our patented rotating Flex valve.

  "Flex Eco
Securing cargo in sea containers is the main application for Flex Eco dunnage bags. Flex Eco are one-trip airbags and are fitted with the patented rotating Flex valve.

Our plastic dunnage airbags are for very light applications, where their main function is to act as void fillers. They can be supplied with our reusable or our one-way valve. Subject to minimum quantity requirements, custom sizes can also be supplied.

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