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Up to 30,000 kg. loads - our airbags can take the pressure!

All inflatable airbags in the Bates Cargo-Pak range are produced with an outer material made from several layers of wet strength virgin Swedish Kraft paper, and an inner liner of highly resistant co-extruded PE film. This combination results in an airbag with maximum strength and airtightness.

In addition, the Kraft paper outer layer has a very high coefficient of friction and this ensures that the dunnage airbag does not move during the transportation of your goods.

Multi-purpose product range
Bates Cargo-Pak inflatable airbags come in both one-way and reusable versions. Sizes range from 60 x 110 cm to 120 x 240 cm to cover all load configurations.
Customized solutions are available upon request.

Bates Cargo-Pak ApS
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Tel. +44 1270 750641
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